Creative Fine Art portraits

Fairy tail stories

How it works
Before and after retouched
Book a session

Let’s make some
art of your portraits

Let’s make magical images of you, your children and family.

We can photoshoot on your location outdoors or in your home.
All images are edited after the shooting in Jenny’s art style and retouch.

Don´t worry about the walls, the lights and your style in your home
– Jenny brings her assistant with a portable studio flash into your house!

(Jenny brings the portable studio she needs for your wishes.)

After the consultation we discuss all your and your children’s fantasy wishes.

Fairy tail  Artsessions   
Digital art    &    Fine Art portraits

Step 1

The step before consultation is to book a session >.

Before the session we want to know all about all wishes and dreams.

We plan the photo session together.
Where? When? How?
Do we need props? Studio lightning? 
The photoshoot can be in your home, in a location or in studio in Stockholm, Tyresö. 

Because Jenny loves to travel, Jenny go where you live. 

If we have to travel to your place far away or you want to book on our locations when we are travel,  we have a call on Zoom when we discuss your photo shoot. 

We will give you a form to answer som questions before our meeting.

 We are looking forward to know you! 


Step 2
The session

The day for your session

Now it´s time to have a fun time together. If its kids in the shoot, tell them we are gonna play and have fun with a photographer. 

Jenny play games and mix laughs and play with calmer moments.
We love to give the children a session that they felt so fun and want to
talk about how fun that was.

It makes images with both laugh and happy children and with calmer expression for fine art images.

Some children love to make a fairytale story with lots of fantasy while we shoot. And wait until they see the images! 

Dont worry if you felt that can be impossible to get any images if your children play, dont listen and are too exited that you have to say ”Calm down” 

The most important is to give them a memory and after the session I create all your backgrounds and story with digital illustrations. I just need the faces and the light in different poses. It is a mix with the whole body and faces. 

Together with siblings or the family.



Step 3
Time to edit & retouch

After the session -Time to make art!

Now comes the time when all magic happens.

It takes days or weeks to finish all the images with new backgrunds, retouch and painting in the images. Digital elements adds for the fairytale and digital art that you can hang on your wall.  

When all images are edited, we contact you again for the slide show and view of your images. You are in the process all the time and after the session you get a date when the images is ready for you.  




Fine art fotografering före efter
Fairy tail photography
Fairy tail photography
Bauer redigering Fine art
Sagofogorafering före och efter redigering
Fairy tail photography photoshop Fineart

Edit and reouch in FineArt style by Jenny 

Fine art före och efter redigering

Step 4
Gallery and slide show time!

Slideshows in Zoom or a gallery for digital files

When all the images is ready to deliver, you can see the images in a gallery.
We can watch them together or if you want a digital gallery. For digital files you can download them to your computer. They are in hight resolution and ready to print big to your walls or give away calendars or prints. 

The best is to have the family together and watch the slideshow in zoom or a link from a private youtube-link for the first time. If you can connect a computer or phone on a TV, you can see the images bigger and more beautiful.
You get a link with the slide show to watch whenever you like.

The link can be shared to other relatives and friends. 

If you have choose an album or wall art, the same digital files included for social media. 2048 px, low res. (Can not be printed) 

You can order Wall Arts, Album of your choice and digital files. 

You can decide if you want digital files or an album with your images.
All package and sessions start with 20 images. 

If you want the Golden package the edit time only included in one product. 
In all product the edit time is included in the price. 

Album, digital files and wall art in a package have more value for you therefore. 



Investments and package

Fine art session
Art sessions
Fairytale stories


1-2 hours photoshoot
on location,
outdoors or inside.


Viewing session of your images in personal or in Zoom online.
Slide show gallery

Three image 
Fairytale -your story when having a fine art session.


20 Digital files in Colour / Black & White
OR an ALBUM 25×25 cm

15 500 kr
1550 €


Extra per retouched image
1500 kr /150 €

One image
Fairytale -your story when having a fine art session,
3500 SEK / 350 €

Extra photoshoot time
per hour
1200 kr /120 €

5Add to your session:
Ala Carte investments

ALBUM of your choice 25×25 cm in a BOX
20 images 15 500 SEK / 1550 €

Extra image 850 SEK /

30×30 cm
+500 SEK / 50

19×19 cm
-500 SEK / -50 €

Wall Art 40×50, 40×40
3900 SEK/ 390 €

Wall Art 50×70, 50×50

4900 SEK/ 490 €

Wall Art 70×100, 70×70

6500 SEK/ 650 €


20 Fine-art prints

15×21 cm
15 500 SEK / 1550

10 Fine-art prints
30×40 cm
19 500 SEK / 1950

20 Digital files in Colour / Black & White
15 500 kr
1550 €

18×24 cm 

4400 kr
440 €

Minialbum 10 images (3900 SEK/390 €)

Extra digital file 
1500 kr /150 €

USB in the ALBUM or in the IMAGE BOX
+600 SEK / 60 €

Golden Package


+2 hours Session Fee
(2400 SEK/240 €)

+20  professional retouched digital images in colour and black & white
(15500 SEK/ 1550 €)

Digital illustration or Fairytale images (9000 SEK / 900 €)

+ALBUM 25×25 cm
20-22 images of your choice of style in a box

(15500 SEK/ 1550 €)

+Minialbum 10 images (3900 SEK/390 €)

for Wall Art

or prints (12000 SEK/1200 €)


(Buy alone 56 400 SEK
/ 5640 €)

29 500 SEK /
2950 Euro

Silver Package


+2 hours Session Fee
(2400 SEK/240 €)

+20  professional retouched high res. digital images in colour and black & white
(15500 SEK/ 1550 €)

Digital illustration or Fairytale images (9000 SEK / 900 €)

+ALBUM 25×25 cm
20-22 images of your choice of style in a box

(15500 SEK/ 1550 €)

(Buy alone 33400 SEK
/ 3340 €)

22 000 SEK /
2200 Euro

Fairytale Photo session including Wall Art  +Digital files

Book me for only your digital illustration stories.

A Fairytale image or an art with digital illustration.

A playful session for the kids in a world of stories.

Include 1-2 hours
session Fee 

Consultation & planning

All time to make magic art digital illustration of two stories and fine art images. 

3 images edit Fairy tail
(9000 kr / 900 €)

1 pc 70×100 cm Wall-Art
1 pc 40×50 Wall Art
Or a value of wall arts  10000 SEK/ 1000 €
+ the digital files

12 900 SEK / 1290 €

(props or hire of special location or clothes)


All price is without VAT in EU.
For company in Sweden VAT will add on.

(props or hire of special location or clothes)