The Skirt Flower Project

The Skirt Flower Project

Projects where I take portraits on famous and unknown people and put together the portrait with pictures I take separately from nature with flowers and leaves, among others.

The time to take a portrait varies depending on how much makeup or styling we want to add to the portrait. For a neutral image where the person got ready before the picture takes up to 20-30 minutes to take. If the person is very short of time, I need 5 minutes if everything is rigged and clear.

The story how it started

I run a photo studio regular and photograph children, newborns, siblings, families, pregnant and weddings. In the fall I am always fully booked every year and its high season until Christmas. In January, there are not as many as come. Spring 2017 was a bit tougher. I did not know what I would do so I asked for volunteer models on Facebook.
I have been a full time photographer sins 2005 and self-employed since 2000.

One day, a girl named Miranda came to take pictures to my image bank for models.

I had old tulips in the studio and had seen a picture of Pinterest and more places with a girl who has the tulip in front of her. The tulips are either sharp or the girl behind. In order to get the right proportion and just as sharp, I decided to do it in photoshop instead.

At first I did as I had thought from the beginning. Then I completely exploded the idea by trying to put the tulips in several layers.

I immediately began to become even more creative and figured out how to photograph other flowers and leaves in a good way and put them on the needles on the model.

And then it was going on. It was still early spring and not so much leaves out.

But when summer came, I could not go anywhere without seeing skirts of flowers and leaves. And the ideas came together.

It was the idea that when I saw Victoria Skoglund running Zeta's garden in Stockholm she would be perfect to be a queen of leaves.

I asked if she wanted to go to the studio to take a picture and she would. Victoria is often fully booked and now it was in the middle of the summer. She often appears on TV4 on Saturdays where she talks about flowers and the garden.

When we took the picture we had a lot of fun and time went fast. We decided to have an exhibition with lots of beautiful flowers with portraits. On famous and unknown which may be portrayed with plants, flowers and leaves.

The plan is now to do this exhibition at Zeta's garden in the fall of 2018-

In writing, I have been 10 weeks in Thailand (when it's still low season) and has two weeks left. As soon as I'm home, I'll start again!


The Skirt Flower Project

Scheduled exhibition autumn 2018 Zetas Garden Stockholm

Zetas Trädgård

Victoria Skoglund Instagram 

Skirt Flower Gallery

Skirt flower project

The beginning

Read about how all things started.


In autumn 2018 you can see all pictures in an exhibition

i Zetas trädgård, Sweden. 

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